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Adelina Ismaili - You're My Angel

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Song from the album:

"Top Hitet"

Song from the album:

"S'jam Sex Bomb"

When i saw you for the first time,
i just knew you're only mine,
you where shoulder i could cry on,
always making troubles gone.

forgive me sometime i was cruel,
on my life there was no rule,
than you came and brought a light,
telling me what's wrong and right.

now i need no one but you,
and i feel you want me too,
please, please love me as i do,
you're my angel, that i knaw.

you belived that i was so heartless,
but this heart was built on mess,
you gave protection, that i dreamed for,
i felt like queen, and i need no more.

Lyrics submited by  blerina


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