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Hysni Zeqiri & Vanessa Radogoshi - Hajde Dalim

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It's a long time that we try finding the lyrics to "Hajde Dalim" sung by Hysni Zeqiri & Vanessa Radogoshi.
Your effort will be much appreciated in case you think you can help everybody looking for the lyrics.
The music video from Hysni Zeqiri & Vanessa Radogoshi attached to this song, will help you with the lyrics. Thanks for your time.

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One song with the same title was found and it's sung by Fadil Kodrolli. We wish that's the lyrics you are looking for:

Hajde ne Peje oh ndash me u knaq, hajde n'Peje ndash me u knaq.
Me u shetit ne Karagaq, me u shetit ne Karagaq.

Ne Mitrovic oh kur jam hi, n'Mitrovic kur jam hi.
Jam katu me do shoqni, jam taku me do shoqni.

Hajde shkojna ne Prishtin, hajde shkojna ne Prishtin.
Se atje e kem shoqnin, se atje e kem shoqnin.

Hajde shkojna ne Prishtin, hajde shkojna ne Prishtin.
Oh atje na pim rakin, se atje na pim raki.

Hajde shkojm ne Kosove, hajde shkojm ne Kosove.
Me u shetit na dore per dore, me u shetit dore per dore.

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