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Sot në TeksteShqip 21-04-2017

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%instant1%indrit-mlika%instant2%772%instant3%Indrit Mlika feston sot ditëlindjen%instant4%Nuk disponojmë akoma biografinë.%instant5%indrit-mlika%instant6%,%instant1%jencarlos%instant2%70187%instant3%Jencarlos mbush sot 29 vjeç%instant4%Jencarlos Canela is an American actor and award-winning singer-songwriting musician. Canela was born in Miami, Florida, to Cuban parents, Lisette and Heriberto Canela. He is the older brother of actor Jason Canela, and they also have two older siblings. Jencarlos is known worldwide for his three internationally renowned telenovelas.

Jencarlos was the protagonist as Ángel Salvador in the telenovela Más Sabe el Diablo that was recorded during th...%instant5%jencarlos%instant6%
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