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Lyrical Son - Do U  (Feat. Fuga, Mc Kresha & Nuo P)

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Mc Kresha

Lyrical Son:
pick a buuu (yeaah)
I'ts Lyrical Son (hahaha)
aka Mr. B.R.S. a other fact
bounce shiit
how about to present you
the wildest ... from New York
Welcome to Kosovë brother (jooou)
(south west kosova the firt join)
... (hahaha)
Mc Kresha in this mother fuck'in (yeah)
and of course Mr. ... Lyrical Son (oh oou)
Last night forget, my home boy Big Star

I can`t be a pussy cause I no one ...
nervermind kick'in I'm a boxer like Rocky
Street nigers liv'in on ...
I just want make it
i smoke a lot of weed
Lyrical Son:(x2)
Now do you haters know be on top
when we drive it`s for show
everywhere we go we soround
by weed, money and all

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