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Otilia & Revolt Klan - Won't Surrender

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Won’t surrender my love
The beat of my heart
Is only for you
Won’t surrender my love
Take me to a new start
Of loving so true

Every time you are far away
Wish I could rewind
Days when you were with me
Every time you’re away
I need love.. love
Help me God
To get trough this now
Help me please
I’m down on my knees
I need love
I need it closer now

Can you give me
Some air to breath
Cause I need it the most
When you’re not here with me
Need to hold you so tight
All the night.. night

Can you hear me
I don’t wanna be all alone
Need to release the pain in my heart
Can you feel me
Even tho’ now you are gone
Things in my mind
Going wild

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