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Shkumbin Ismaili

Tags: Shkumbin Ismaili, Shkumbin Ismajli

Shkumbin Ismaili is a popular singer in rock music. Shkumbin Ismaili is singer from Tetova who sings the most qualitative rock in his unique style , its a rock formula combined perfectly with some traditional motivs which sound perfect, his unique performances made his fame rise astronomically ”Bindem”, ”Ti Largohesh”, “Ndoshta Gabova”, ”E bukura ime” are few tracks that almost all of you have heard and you all love them....

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Rating:  4.9 / Votes cast:  251

Nuk Ta Fal (2017)

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Shkurt Dhe Shqip (2012)

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Bindem (2008)

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Nuk Ta Fal
Se ç'mu Desh
Te Betohem
Mos Me Akuzo
Shqiperi Nena Ime
Mbete Nje Kujtim
A Me Ke Thene Ti Vete?

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