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T-Miles A.K.A Unbeliever

Tags: T-Miles A.K.A Unbeliever, T-Miles, Toni Mehmetaj, Toni M
  Age: 24   Zodiac sign: Bricjapi  
T-Miles A.K.A Unbeliever is a popular singer. Real name is Toni Edmond Mehmetaj (Tony Miles, T-Miles aka Unbeliever). Is an Albanian rapper/record producer/singer/song-writter .He was born in Germany (Gherc Bach). In a early age he returned to his country, Albania. Began to display his passion for raping to write poetry, poems, and rhymes at age of 12 ... At age 14 started recording his first demo songs, but that did not have much success because of their quality and his age. His first song ... >> Full biography >>

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